Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Losing The Baby Weight

Losing The Baby Weight

Being pregnant was one of the most exciting times in my life. I loved it, except for the morning sickness. I was slightly overweight when I fell pregnant and I was prepared for some weight gain. I was careful with what I ate, but genetics kicked in and I gained 3 stone and went up 3 dress sizes to a size 20.

I’ll never forget my six week check-up, my doctor was less than nice about my weight gain and I left her office feeling well and truly crappy. I decided something needed to be done but recovery and lack of motivation meant I really didn’t try until my son was 5 months.

I didn’t really try very hard in the beginning so I started using a well-known weight loss supplement. I have never been one for this sort of diets but I felt I needed something to give me a kick and too be honest I was looking for an easy way out.  Luckily the diet doesn’t just focus on weight loss but it also focusses on eating healthy. Something I’ve never been very good at.  After having my son, it was even harder to eat healthy, your day goes by so fast and I’d often find at 8 in the evening, I would be saying to hubby I hadn’t ate all day and the takeaway menus would come out.

With the diet I lost 2 of the 3 stone I gained while pregnant and now I’m weaning myself off it and doing it on my own by cutting out bad carbs and going for walks with the little man. And you know what, I am doing just as good without it but it definitely re-educated my brain. I stick to the good carb bad carb mentality but treat myself once a week to something with bad carbs.

 I try get out for an hour walk but I usually get to 40 minutes and I head home and then when little man goes down for his afternoon nap, I try do an exercise dvd if I’m not wrecked myself.

Although I have lost most of the baby weight, I would like to lose another 2 stone. The pressure to lose weight after having a baby can be very stressful. I had several people tell me when my little man was 4 weeks old; I should be out pounding the pavements to lose the weight. Even my best friend was told this by some of our friends. The last thing you feel like doing after having a baby is go out pounding the pavements. It is very frustrating when people tell you what you ought to do.

If you’ve just had a baby or are pregnant and are worried about post baby weight, don’t put pressure on yourself. Just after the baby arrives is time for bonding and cuddles with your little one. If you get comments like the ones I got, try ignore them. Easier said than done right? Just focus on your little bundle and keep smiling.

Anita xxx


  1. Good for you! I think the media play a big role in peoples assumptions that mothers should be getting into shape as soon as the baby is born, crazy, if I spent 9 months waiting to meet the baby the last thing I would want to do is be spending time in the gym!

  2. Celeb mums r totally to blame for this..."two weeks and iv lost all my baby weight" shite!....i say fair play to u for losing what u have and keep up the good work!!!

  3. You've done so well, congrats!

  4. Thanks for the kind words girls :) I totally agree that Celeb mums make it seem easy when its not. I've heard stories of them getting tummy tucks while they have their c sections and all sorts. It's crazy