Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I started walking today

Hello all,

I am delighted with myself today. I went for a walk for just under an hour. Before I even left the house I broke into a sweat which showed me how unfit I really am. I was also slightly nervous. Why couldn't I just pop my walking clothes on and head out the door with not a worry in the world? No idea why I was feeling nervous. As soon as I got down the road with the ABBA tunes pumping (don't laugh!) I felt great.

Iv'e already added the walk to today's achievements as part of my weekly diary. Hopefully this afternoon Shane will join me for a gentle walk after dinner.

Too see what I bought and how I got on watch the video above. Here are some photos. I really didn't have a stitch of clothing suitable so a trip to Penneys was needed.

Bottoms from left to right: Aerobic crop leg €9, Cotton stretch jogging €9, Capri Leggings €4.

Tops: Stripes €3.50, Teal €2.50 Tank €2.50, White €5.

Socks €3.00, Seamless underwear €6, Bra's 2 pack €10. I bought the maternity pack, opps!

When I got home from the walk, apart from feeling dehydrated and delighted with myself I noticed my toes where sore from rubbing off my runners so I will have to start saving for a new pair. Iv'e started now so there is no going back. Some of you have been in touch on twitter to let me know you have already started and I am absolutely over the moon for you all. One day at a time is what I say. WE CAN DO IT!

Myself and Shane went for a quick walk this evening around 19:30, it took me twenty minutes to drag him out of the house but it was nice to have someone with me. 


  1. Fair play to you! Getting started is the hardest part, definitely recommend drinking lots of water about an hour before you walk so that you are hydrated enough before you start out :)

    1. I actually love drinking water, I use to have a bottle in the fridge all the time and that really encouraged me.

  2. The beginning is always the hardest until you get yourself into a routine and then its easier :) x

    1. At the moment i'm aim to walk before lunch time and late after dinner.